Monday, October 13, 2008

Ketupat Palas.

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan

Bagi masyarakat Terengganu, ketupat palas ni merupakan antara makanan wajib@ruji untuk dihidangkan kepada tetamu pada hari lebaran. Ketupat palas ni tidak menggunakan beras seperti ketupat yang terdapat di negeri-negeri lain. Ketupat di Melaka contohnya menggunakan nasi dan dibungkus dengan daun kelapa berbentuk segiempat. Macam nasi himpit.

Apa yang istimewa nya ketupat palas ni, ianya menggunakan pulut sebagai bahan utamanya dan dibungkus dengan daun palas dalam bentuk segitiga. Perisa ketupat palas pula bergantung kepada citarasa masing-masing. Ada yang suka sedikit manis dan ada juga yang suka tawar.

Secara ringkasnya dalam penyediaan ketupat palas, pulut terlebih dahulu ditanak dan digaul pulak dengan santa setelah pulut itu masak. Kemudian ianya dibungkus dengan daun palas yang telah dilurut dan ketupat ini akan dikukus sehingga masak.

Di hari raya, ketupat palas dihidang bersama-sama dengan rendang. Ada jugak yang suka menikmati ketupat palas ni dengan hanya mencicah ketupat palas dengan gula. Makan dengan gulai kari pon bole. Kat umah wo (nenek) saya, ketupat palas dihidangkan bersama-sama gula manisan (gula melaka) yang dicairkan. Tapi gula melaka ni bukan diperbuat daripada nira kelapa, tapi ianya dihasilkan dari tebu. So, manisnya pon lain sikit lah.

Raya tahun ni, turn saya beraya kat melaka. So tak balik la terengganu sbb cuti pon tak dapat nak apply lama. Banyak kije tertangguh yang nak disiapkan segera. So sampai la saat ni, saya blom makan lagi ketupat palas untuk raya tahun ni..huuhuhuh

OMG, I miss ketupat palas so much!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hardest decision to be made

When we move from comfort zone to the other side, the art of decision making will determine where we will be. Between work, career planning and family, what is the greatest factor that affecting a decision making? I’m in dilemma... huhuu

For the time being, FAMILY is above of all matters. Although have to swallow the bitterness. And pretend it to be sweet.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Limited access to blogspot

My organization has implemented a new policy regarding on accessing the Internet. Many favorite sites have blocked and several of the sites are granted limited access. Lucky for me, I have ten minutes to access to my webblog to update or put an entry… huuuu..

Trying to access medcham blog

My favorite site blocked

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Name Proton’s First MPV

While browsing the internet this morning, I’ve jump to site of competition for naming proton’s first Multi Purpose Van (MPV). Although I’m not interested in buying this stuff, I decide to give one of my best shot to give it’s name.. hehee

Here’s the link to Proton competition site,
, you can try it at your own ideas. Below is mine. Plagiarism is prohibited, hehehee

Friday, September 05, 2008

Training & Development

This article is quite long and many grammatically error, hehehee read at your own risk.huhuu


Training and Development is an important part in Human Resource Management. In this assignment, we are going to focus on training. There are many definition of training, but the most important is training is the process of acquiring knowledge, developing competencies and skill, and adopting behaviors that improve performance in current job.

Training also involves sharpening the knowledge, skill and abilities or changing the attitude to enhance the performance. According to Mondy and Noe, training is the heart of a continuous effort designed to improve employee competency and organizational performance.

The objective of training is to plays a central role in nurturing and strengthening the competencies. It also a part of the backbone of strategy implementation in the organization.

Training help in increasing the productivity of the employees that helps the organization further to achieve its long term goal. Training also can create sense of teamwork, team spirit and inter team collaborations and creating learning culture within the organization

There a several method of training such as lectures demonstrations, discussions, Computer Based Training, games and simulation.

Discuss what is the potential employee factor that could be contributing towards training drawback?

There are two most important factors that could be contributing toward training drawback; it is Personal Factor and Environmental Factor. Personal Factor is referring to the problem that occurs in the employees itself or Internal Factor meanwhile the Environmental Factors is a factor from outside / with out the employees or external factors. The environmental / external factors sometime are beyond the control of the employees.

Personal Factors

Firstly is the Knowledge, Skill and Abilities (KSA) of trainee, sometime the training that’s conduct is beyond the trainee KSA. As an example, a clerk has sent to decision making training. She or he have to go this training because her/his supervisor on holiday. This is beyond his or her abilities. The employee will face a lot of new thing and they cannot cope with this situation. This situation also can make an employee will feel to rebel to their organization.

Second is Personal Problem, sometime the employee have their own personal problem such as they are slow learner. Compare to another employee who is fast learner, a slow learner employee will feel unmotivated and embarrassed. This will contribute toward training drawback.

Another factor that affects the training is relation between the training program and personal objective. Sometime the training that’s attended by employee cannot meet or contrast to their objective. As an example, Rosmah is a clerk in one of the firm in Malaysia. She has an interest in Procurement, but her supervisor has sent her to Store Keeping Management. As we can see, Rosmah interest is contravene with the training that’s she attended.

The fourth factor that contributes to training drawback is the benefit that’s expected from training. This situation happens because the trainee expects more from the training program. The training module doing not included certain part of knowledge for employee to perform their job or the training that they are attended does not have relation with their duties and task. As an example is an employee from Information Technology Department have sent to Marketing and Sale Training, there are no relation between employee and the training.

Lastly for Personal Factor are the previous training experiences. If the employees have an experience with previous training, maybe they already know what the content of the training is. The employee also got bored with the training if the same trainer involved. The employees tend to expect more from the previous experiences. If they have a bad experience in the past training, maybe the next training will cause a lot of problem to them, which will demoralized them.

Environmental Factors

There are several environmental factors that contributing toward training drawback. Firstly are the Knowledge, Skill and Abilities (KSA) of the trainer. This is important part when conducting the training; it is to find a suitable and resourcefulness trainer. What will happen if the trainer cannot answer the question? This will lead the trainee to feel bored and lost confidently to the trainer. Unqualified trainer also can tend to make a misleading information or knowledge when they only guessing the solution of the problem.

Training objective also must be clear; the employees must know what is the return or benefit of their training program. When conducting training, the trainer must give an explanation about the training objective. What is required and what should they got from the training must be understand by the trainee. For example, if we are conducting a Sale and Marketing Training please make sure that the objective of training is relevant to the Marketing and Sales.

Third environmental factor is the Content of the Training. The content of the training must be variety but not misleading to the objective of the training. Unattractive content of Training will make a trainee tend to feel bored and sleepy. The content of the training also must be relevant with today technologies and must include a value added skill take the training more fun, knowledgeable, informative, up to date and will improve effectiveness of the training.

The training design itself also plays a big part to determine successfulness of the training. Training design include method, technique and strategies use in the training program. The method of training such as lectures demonstrations, discussions, Computer Based Training, games and simulation can be use to make a training more effective and can enhance employee knowledge, skill and abilities.

The Training Team also can contribute to training drawback, because the compositions of a team are vital in making successful team. If the members of the team are not willing to work together as a teammate, there will be a problem. This problematic team will also affect another team because they tend to disturb the smoothness of training. Sometime, when a talented employee dumps into this team, that employee also can influence by a bad members. So, the organization will lost another talented employee in their organization.

Lastly, the infrastructure of the training program must be ready. Training must be conducted in a convenience place and have a seminar facilities, eating facilities, tea and coffee breaks. Inconvenience place will make the trainee tend to fell not spacious and restless. The eating facilities also must be clean and organize and the food and beverage must be fine and serve on time.

Explain how you would go about assessing whether it is in fact a training problem.

There are many methods available to assess or evaluate the training problem. One of the famous models is from Donald Kirk Patrick Model that there are consist of four basic criteria to evaluate.
1. Reaction
2. Learning
3. Behavior
4. Result

The organization can evaluate the REACTION level of the trainees by conducting an interviews or administering a questionnaire. Assume that 20 clerks have attended a three days Operational Management Training. A reaction level can be done by asking them to complete a survey that asked them to rate the value of the training, style of the instructors and usefulness of the training. Then we can see how the reaction of the trainees

LEARNING level can be evaluate by measuring how well the trainees have learned facts, ideas, concepts, theories and attitudes. Tests are the common method used to evaluate learning level. For example, we can conduct a simple test after finishing certain module in the training. Result of the test gives us a clear view whether the trainees learning level.

To evaluate BEHAVIOUR, usually two type of kind involve, they are,
1. Measuring the effect of training on the job performance through interviews of trainees and theirs co-worker,
2. Observing their job performance

As an example, a behavioral evaluation of the IT executive who participates in Web Site Design Training might be done by observing the actual website that he produces. If he produces the website according to what they learned in the training that means a behavioral indication of the producing website could be obtained. But if they don’t produce the website according to their training, It means there is no behaviors modification.

Employer can evaluate RESULT by measuring the effect of the training on the achievement of organizational objective. Because results such as productivity, turnover, quality, time, sales and cost are relative. So this evaluation can be done by comparing record before and after the training program. For the Sales and Marketing Training, we can measure the result of the training by looking at the result of sale next two or three month after training are conducted. If the organization can achieve more sole on the next two or three month, that means the result are positive and the training program are successful.


There several factor that affecting the Training including Personal and Environmental Factors, they are personal problem, relation between the training program and personal objective, benefit expected from training, KSA of the trainees, previous training experiences, KSA of the trainer, content of the training, infrastructure and the training design.

The evaluation of the training program can be done by using Kirk Patrick Model that consists of Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Result.

No matter how good the training program is, in the end it is the participant only who decides whether to change his behavior or not. Trainees do not change their behavior merely because they are telling to do so. They change when they feel there is a need for it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sharpen Your Brain (adapted from Reader’s Digest January 2008)

• Improve your memory
• Boost your spatial awareness
• Crunch more numbers
• Widen your word power

Improve you memory

Learn by heart a “to do” list of 10 or more jobs for the day that incorporates a route – it could be your stroll to the cafe, say, or the walk to your first class – and try to mentally link each job with one location: buying a newspaper at the shops, dropping off a housemate to class, calling home outside the cafĂ©, etc.
Then ask yourself the following questions:

• What task follows buying the newspaper?
• What job precedes phoning home?
• The second job on the list is?
• Where on the list is sending your housemate?

The next day, come up with a new list and increase the number of items to 20 or so.

Boost your spatial awareness

Navigate your way around the house blindfold (best not done alone!). Then sit in a chair and mentally walk round your house, visualising your every move. Or put 12 objects on a tray, memorise their location, then get someone to move a few about. Guess which have moved.

Crunch more numbers

Do these exercises every day: add up in your shopping in the queue before you pay; divide up bills when they come in; estimate quantities of things you pass, such as people in a group or trees in a garden. Keeping your mind nimble and always on the move with numerical teasers will improve your mathematical sharpness.

Widen your word power

Go for as many of these as possible; learn a new word every day and use it often; make up anagrams of words. These will improve your understanding of the true meaning of words.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The series of torturing my student continue.. hehehee… Today is the last day for them to complete their SKM Application portfolio. I’m really impressed with one of my student. Beside is shying mode, he’s able to sing a song from Samudera – Terminal Cinta. Quite an old song but I’m still remembering that song.

Samudera – Terminal Cinta

sejauh mana lagi perlu kususuri
menjejak kepastian emosi rindu
mungkinkah aku ini terminal yg tak pasti
untuk kau melepaskan
musim sepimu

dimana kan berakhir kesetiaan ini
apakah seusia penantianku

semakin bergoyah kasih
kabus apa menyelang harapan
hingga lupa cinta yang pertama
kembalilah kejejak yang dulu
kalau esok tiada mentari

kasih suci nan abadi
masih dihatiku
kalau nanti kau mengerti
ertinya cintaku ini

seandai mekar lagi harapan yang pasti
jangan bersimpuh lagi dalam tangisan
setiap hanya satu jika berderai
kasih ku pasti berpaling
pada yang mengerti

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is Tuesday, but I feel I like a Friday. Listening to a slow song encourage me to do the work slowly. Anyway, many tasks have done in slow motion. Slow but it move. It’s okay laaa….

Today, I’m just sitting at my desk, waiting for my student to get my signature for their SKM application portfolio. In addition to my boring mode, I will sign the portfolio if they can make me laughing, hahahaa.. Some of them sing a song, dancing, acting and many more. But there is a limit. I will not allow them to do something that will embarrass them.

Here is some poem that has declamation by one of my student.

Pesan Seorang Bakal SN

Usah berpuisi tentang bunga
Tentang kumbang menyeri kembang
Lantaran kita bukan penjaga taman

Usah berpuisi tentang ikan
Tentang sampan dan lautan
Lantaran kita bukan nelayan

Usah berpuisi tentang tudung kepala
Tentang syurga dan neraka
Lantaran kita bukan guru agama

Usah berpuisi tentang pilihanraya
Tentang nepotosme dan kronisme
Lantaran kita hanya sasterawan semata.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Puisi si perwira

Bumi yang luas kau pertahankan
Dari bajingan terusan mendatang
’Tuk apakah segala pengorbanan
Tak mengira apakah balasan

Kau perwira untuk se alam
Tidak mengira siang dan malam
Perisai mu seindah hiasan
Melindungi mu dalam perjuangan

Kau dikenali seorang yang very2 particular
Duduk dan bangunmu penuh tertib
Lompat dan terjun mu mmg bergaya
Persis seorang pegawai protokol

Dalam pertarungan kamu lah wira
Bersemangat kental di bumi dan angkasa
Bergandingan bahu bersama si naga
Demi kita alam dan semesta.

Hahahaa.. Don’t have a mood to work.
Esok cuti………

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Myskills 2008 award

Last Saturday, I was invited to Majlis Anugerah Pertandingan Myskills 2008 dan Pelancaran Karnival Kemahiran. The program organized by Advance Technology Benter (ADTEC) on behalf of Ministry of Human Resource. The program is criticized by Prime Minister as ‘Suram’. Maybe they have face budget constraint to organize this event kotttt…

Here is the report from

PM syor pekerja perkasa diri menerusi ilmu dan latihan

SHAH ALAM: Selepas dikenali sebagai sebuah negara yang aman dengan penduduknya berbilang kaum, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mahu masyarakat luar turut mengenali Malaysia sebagai negara yang memiliki tenaga kerja berkebolehan serta berkemahiran tinggi.

Perdana Menteri berkata, ia boleh dicapai dengan memperkasa diri menerusi ilmu dan latihan yang diberikan agar bertambah mahir dalam segala bidang.

"Sebelum ini mereka kagum rakyat Malaysia baik tetapi yang saya hendak sangat, mereka mesti akui kepandaian kita dan kemahiran tinggi yang dimiliki. Pengiktirafan inilah yang kita mahu capai. Seperti orang Jepun diakui kebolehannya dalam bidang teknologi tinggi.

"Mengapa tidak bagi rakyat Malaysia. Kita boleh, malah semangat `Malaysia Boleh' mesti ada pada diri kita yang mahu sentiasa maju. Kita perlu tingkatkan nilai kecemerlangan kita," katanya.

Perdana Menteri berkata demikian ketika berucap melancarkan Pelan Induk Latihan dan Pembangunan Kemahiran Pekerjaan Malaysia 2008-2020 dan penyampaian anugerah Pertandingan MySkills di Pusat Latihan Teknologi Tinggi (Adtec) di sini, semalam.

Hadir sama, Menteri Sumber Manusia, Datuk Dr S Subramaniam dan Timbalannya, Datuk Noraini Ahmad.
Abdullah berkata, jika dulu kerajaan memberikan latihan kemahiran kepada ramai lulusan Sijil Rendah Pelajaran (SRP) tetapi sekarang tidak ada lagi kerana Kementerian Pelajaran tidak menunjukkan `pintu keluar' hanya selepas pelajar lulus SRP.

Katanya, pelajar tidak boleh dibiarkan mencari pekerjaan hanya selepas lulus pengajian Tingkatan Tiga berikutan umur mereka yang masih muda, rendah dari segi pengetahuan dan belum ada kemahiran.

"Bagaimana nanti mereka hendak bersaing dalam dunia pekerjaan yang memerlukan kemahiran yang tinggi. Kerana itu, mereka yang diambil menjalani latihan kemahiran kini ialah pelajar lepasan SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) dan STPM (Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia).

"Dengan sukatan pelajaran yang berubah, kita membuat satu anjakan yang penting dengan memberi tekanan kepada kemahiran lebih tinggi kerana industri di negara kita semakin meningkat berbanding dulu.
"Sekarang kita sudah mampu menghasilkan produk yang lebih berkualiti dengan adanya peralatan komputer dan mesin canggih yang dikendalikan tenaga kerja berkemahiran," katanya.

Abdullah berkata, Pelan Operasi Latihan dan Pembangunan Kemahiran Pekerjaan itu perlu dijadikan panduan dalam menentukan hala tuju latihan dan pembangunan kemahiran negara selaras usaha menghasilkan modal insan kelas pertama, berpengetahuan dan berkemahiran.

Terdahulu beliau menegur Adtec selepas melihat suasana yang agak suram pada majlis itu dengan berkata, keceriaan di sesebuah pusat latihan perlu diberi perhatian kerana ia penting bagi pekerja.

"Kalau suasana bekerja sentiasa ceria, ini akan menjadikan mereka yang bekerja di situ berasa seronok. Jika sebaliknya berlaku, semangat bekerja pun boleh hilang.

"Sikap kita terhadap pekerjaan penting dan keceriaan juga penting. Tetapi kemahiran adalah amat penting, kalau tidak ada sudah tentu kita tidak akan dapat melaksanakan kerja yang diamanahkan," katanya.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to my life

So many thing happen last week, a lot of joyful and some of pain too. But forgot the pain.. huhuu… Selamat datang kepada ahli terbaru keluarga aku, Nik Mohd Danish. Tanggal 7/8/2008, Isteri tercinta selamat melahirkan seorang lagi putera penyeri rumahtangga. Selepas hampir 4 jam bergelut dalam bilik bersalin. Aku dimaklumkan isteri selamat melahirkan putera kami pada jam 12.45 tgh hari. Bayi comel yang seberat 3.05 kg itu lantas ku azan dan iqamah kan ke kedua-dua belah telinga nya.

This time, isteri bersalin tanpa peneman disisi, peraturan di Hospital Melaka menetapkan hanya mereka yang telah mengikuti Kursus Peneman Bersalin sahaja dibernarkan untuk menjadi peneman isteri didalam kamar itu. Ini membuatkan aku semakin tertanya-tanya apakah keadaan sebenar isteri dalam kamar bersalin tersebut.

Diluar kamar bersalin, aku tak henti-henti memohon kepada Yang Maha Agung supaya dipermudahkan urusan ini. Mana taknya, setiap detik bagaikan satu hentakkan ke jantung aku yang berdenyut kencang. Apabila dimaklum kan yang isteri dan bayi yang dilahirkan selamat semuanya. Terus aku mengucapkan syukur ke hadrat Ilahi.

Beberapa minit sebelum jam 4 ptg, Isteri dibawa keluar dari kamar bersalin dan akan dibawa ke wad, aku secara spontan dilantik sebagai jurumudi katil begerak oleh nurse. Baby pulak di bawa oleh sorang lagi nurse, Slepas bermalam di wad semalaman, Isteri n baby dibenarkan pulang kerumah.

Harapanku agar Nik Muhammad Danish membesar dengan sihat, just like his brother. Walaupun agak penat sbb kedua-duanye adalah putera, aku tetap syukur dan sgt berharap mereka akan meneruskan perjuangan aku yang belum selesai. Hurmm... apa yang belum selesai yerr... hehee. So many things haven’t done yet. But the most important is Mereka menjadi anak yang baik. Itulah harapan sebenar seorang ayah.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is IS?

Today, I was framed again by this silly question. Although I’ve been in IT industry for nearly 10 years, I can’t give a specific definition to this term. Shame on me laaa… hehee. But remember, as people, we a in a learning process. If we don’t know, it’s our duty to find it out.

So, what is IS or Information System and how IS give impact to our life? I believe IS having given many influences in our life. In this internet era, it’s hard to gain information if not using IS nowadays. IS and IT is different thing. Don’t think it is the same.

Before we know the IS, we have to know what is the ‘system’ itself. ‘System’ is a collections of inter related part that interact with each other to transform input into output to achieve certain goals. As an example, please take a look at our body system. We have hand, leg, head and other part that are working together. That make us alive.. 

What the information system? It’s a collection of Data, People, Hardware, Software, Process and Procedure that inter related and interact with each other to transform input into output to achieve goals or creating business value. The input is referring to data, then processed to produce output or Information that can be use by people.

So, what’s the impact of Information System to our life? We need a complete, accurate, reliable, relevant, objective, and timely data to help us in decision making. So, the information system helps us in gaining the information. We can see a lot of example of using internet for gaining information.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TTT: Train the Trainer

After two days attending a TTT course, I’ve refresh again about the role of my duties and task. This course should be five day but was shortened to two days due to inevitable circumstances. This course is organized by Infor Resource System Sdn. Bhd. in collaboration with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) Ministry of Human Resource.

This course objective is to remind the VTO that their duty is not only delivering a theoretical and practical lesson, but it is beyond than that. Now, I have to hold a new key/ thrust of my service, that is I’m a

1. knowledge expertise
2. consultant
3. program manager
4. administrator

In this course, we also tested our perspective of mind. Variety of game have arranged. One of them is, we were ask a question like this

1000 + 1 =?

What the answer??? Hehehe, if we ask this question to three different people with different background of job. Is it the answer’s the same? You can try it urself. In this case, our course presenter has asked this question to VTO, PTD and PRO and he got a variety of answers. Hehee

Another test is, we have to answers 79 questions in a short time. After that, the answer will determine what category we were. The categories is

1. Aktivis
2. Pemikir
3. Ahli Teori
4. Pragmatis

What category u are? Hehehee.. Me?? Secret… huhu

Friday, July 25, 2008

Small Round

I've planned to invite all of the staff in my division to go for a small reception at TomYam Classic restaurant for celebrating my successful in MySKILL2008 competition recently, The competition was organize by Department of Skills Development, Ministry Of Human Resource.

Although I haven't achieve a Platinum medal, It's significant to me because I'm the the first prize winner in my category. With a RM5k prize money, I'll buy you guy a round, to acknowledge your support.

I've invite my immediate boss, KJ and Director to join a round and luckily they have a free time to attend. Alhamdulillah. The most important thing is, I want to share this victory with my colleague.

Because sharing the winning is caring.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The end justifies the means.

When we talk about non-consequentialist theory, somehow we will find these words. “The end justifies the means” or in Malay word. We can say it as “Matlamat/Hasil menghalalkan Cara”. It was a big hit to my mind. Should it plant it in my mind? Hehe.. The question is there. Before this, I always heard about this words “ The end not justifies the means” or “ Hasil tidak menghalalkan cara”. But to be non-consequentialist, I’ve got to understand that the consequence is not concern in deontological theory.

Yeah… we have three indexes to measure the different between Teleological theory and Deontological theory. Firstly is the MOTIVE, deontological must have a right motive or intentions and also must have a right act or conduct. That was second index that’s ACT. So, deontological concern Motive and Act, they must be positive and we consider them as morally okay. The third index CONSEQUENCE is not considered in this theory.

As an example, when we give our children a money to buy a text book, there are many consequences will appear. If our children got the money and the he buy a book. There is no problem with that, but if he didn’t buy a book but buy a cigarette instead. Is this considered morally? Hehehee the question is there. To be non-consequentialist, the parents are considering morally because according to non-consequentialist theory, the consequences doesn’t enter into judgment. Yes, the parent have a right Motive or Intention to give a money to their child to buy a book, the parent also do a right Act by giving the money. This is considering morally by non-consequentialist.

As a Muslims, do we agree with this theory? Yup, certain part I’m agreeing with that. But I’m just a student of ethical class. I’m must study it… Or I got fail in the exam.. huhuu
Need to remember.

Philosophy, consist of three major area.

1) Epistemology
2) Metaphysics
3) Ethics

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Menjaga Hati by Yovie & Nuno

This heavenly song sang by Yovie and Nuno is keep rhyming in my head now. Really nice song by Indonesian band, nice arrangement of music and beautiful lyrics. Really enjoy it...

Menjaga Hati by Yovie & Nuno

masih tertinggal bayanganmu
yang telah membekas di relung hatiku
hujan tanpa henti seolah bertanda
cinta tak disini lagi kau telah berpaling

biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkan mu

masih adakah cahaya rindumu
yang dulu selalu cerminkan hatimu
aku takkan bisa menghapus dirimu
meski kulihat kau kini diseberang sana

biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkan mu

andai akhirnya kau tak juga kembali
aku tetap sendiri menjaga hati

biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkan mu

sejujurnya diriku masih mengharapkan mu

Menjaga Hati by Yovie & Nuno

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ethics week01

1. Define Ethics.

 Known as moral philosophy
 A branch of philosophy
 The study of morality
 It deals with what is right or wrong in human behavior and conduct
 Decide what is good or bad

2. Differentiate between Consequentialist theory and Non-Consequentialist theory.

• Also known as Teleological Theory
• Based on moral judgments on consequences
• A person motive is relevant to the overall moral judgments
• Motive, Act and Consequence must be positive.

• Also known as Deontological Theory
• Consequences not enter into judgments.
• Moral and Immoral is decided upon the basis of the standard, other than consequences
• Involve Motive and Act only

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Debate between Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek and de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Please watch it and make your own consideration wisely, for sake of our country.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lancer Evolution Spec Brief

Lancer EVO1 spec
engine : 1997
Power : 250PS @ 6000rpm
Torque : 288lbs/ft @ 300rpm
Weight : 1240kg (RS 1170kg)
Top speed : 143mph
0-60mph : 5.1 second

Lancer EVO2 spec
engine : 1997
Power : 260PS @ 6000rpm
Torque : 288lbs/ft @ 300rpm
Weight : 1250kg (RS 1180kg)
Top speed : 147mph
0-60mph : 5.0 second

Lancer EVO3 spec
engine : 1997
Power : 270PS @ 6000rpm
Torque : 288lbs/ft @ 300rpm
Weight : 1260kg (RS 1170kg)
Top speed : 149mph
0-60mph : 4.9 second

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hour after class

Nowadays, I’m feeling time is moving so fast, feels like abandoned by time. Road to study is wide open in front of me. Only 3 days left and after that, I will pronounce as Mahasitua. Haha, that’s what they call for me.

In today class, I’m not really interested anymore on Sept intake student, I don’t know why. Why I have to give an ultimatum to them? Are they sinned? Are they innocent? And why I’m always asking and never answer it myself. Hehee, I’m rather being a complicated minded man.

This is a story about a bunch of people who coming from the same group and territory. Yup, that’s right, they come from Terengganu, to be exact, and they come from Kemaman province. They brought here via special intake, very special because they are accept regardless of their qualification. Hurm… Most of them are academically paralyses.

Now, I’m became one of the instructors who take charge to nurture them, to motivate them and to give them a skill and knowledge. What will happen if a man or women don’t have a skill or knowledge, they’re will be slave, right? So, it’s a duty for me to avoid them from being a slave. 

Lastly, I know that’s NURTURING them takes time, sacrifice and hard work.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'Shallow-minded' champions

KUALA LUMPUR: Those who believe that learning English will make a person less Malay have been lambasted as "shallow minded".

The criticism from Universiti Teknologi Mara vice-chancellor Professor Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah was aimed at those who had in the past voiced their opposition to public universities teaching more subjects in English.

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka was among those who had said that such a move would cause Bahasa Malaysia to lose its status as the country’s official language.

"The Bahasa Malaysia is our mother tongue and our language; it does not mean that if we speak English we are less Malay," he told the New Straits Times.

Ibrahim said English was an important language in view of the globalisation taking place.

Last week, in the Dewan Rakyat, Member of Parliament for Kuala Krai Ismail Mohamed Said had asked Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed for the current statistics on the university’s unemployed graduates

Mustapa had said that the university had only a small number of unemployed graduates compared with other public universities because it produced top graduates who were marketable and spoke good English.

UiTM, which was set up to provide higher education for Bumiputera students, currently has an enrolment of 90,000 students in its campuses nationwide.

Formerly known as the Mara Institute of Technology (ITM), UiTM is an affirmative action university which comes directly under the government.

"Besides English, we also encourage our students to learn a third language like Mandarin or Japanese," Ibrahim said.

He said the university produced about 30,000 graduates a year and they were trained to adapt to the job market.

"We only offer professional courses and most of these courses emphasise the need for English. For weak students who come from rural areas and do not have a good grasp of the language, we provide them with an intensive six-month course prior to their diploma and degree courses," he said.

Ibrahim said this was only applicable to students who did not get a credit for English in their Matriculation or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination.

"This method has worked well for students who do not have an English-speaking background," he said.

The university also encourages students to speak English by holding an English language month or week.

"During this period, if they are caught speaking in Malay, they would be fined," he said, adding that most lectures were also conducted in English.

Ibrahim said the use of English in lessons had been part of the university’s system since ITM’s inception in 1956.

"Our programmes are mostly based on American programmes and that is why most of our students speak American English," he added.

He said many UiTM graduates were holding top positions in the country as the university had emphasised on entrepreneurship skills as well.

Ibrahim said 80 per cent of the chief executive officers of plantation companies and 52 per cent of the total number of professional accountants in the country were UiTM graduates.

Uitm Website

Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day Special

This Sunday, we’ll celebrate our Father’s Day. The day that we’re remember all kindness and sacrifices to raise us. But for me, Father and Mother is referring to only one person, she is Tuan Mariam Binti Mustafa. The one who raise me up since toddler until now.

I Love U Mum.

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Wedding Day

To all whom celebrating wedding day, I’m wishing you all the best and hope you’ll live happily ever after. A marriage is a process to understanding between the couple and how to adapt different personalities of two people, sharing and caring in everything.

Congratulation to my younger sister

Nik Zaleha Bt Ismail & Amran.

My friends

Halimaton & Husband
Nur Aini & Husband

And the others whom I’m not mention,

To future Husband and wife..

Zairi n Ami
Shauqi n Mariam
Zaha n Girlfriend

Keep it up boyz...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New air to breath

While I’m browsing the internet, suddenly appear my Boss from front door. It was my second big boss aka my KJ’s. Why she came here? With eagerness to see me.
I don’t know why until she asked me.” Nik, kenapa awak amik bidang lain. Knapa tak teruskan bidang asal”. Yupppp… That was the question.

And Why, why, why. Why I choose different course. Cause I’ve fed up, fed up with seniority, fed up with bureaucracy, and fed up with several people in the management office. They’re suck, prejudice and double standard. Now, I’m just ignoring people like that, hell with ‘em.

Why management science instead of computer engineering? It’s the opportunity that’s given to. The opportunity to further my study in computer engineering course have been decline by these people. All the time. So I choose other than that.

Many thing to say, but I don’t have time..
Need to go then.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Suddenly I'm realize who I am.

anak kecil main api
terbakar hatinya yang sepi
air mata darah bercampur keringat
bumi di pijak milik orang

nenek moyang kaya raya
tergadai seluruh harta benda
akibat sengketa diantara kita
cinta lenyap diarus zaman

indahnya bumi kita
warisan berkurun lamanya
hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
kitakan merintih sendiri

jangan buang waktu lagi
majulah raih semua mimpi
hapuskan sengketa teruskan usaha
kitakan gagah dinusantara

Friday, June 06, 2008


Mum and Dad were watching TV when Mum said, "I'm tired, and it's getting late. I think I'll go to bed." She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next day's lunches. Rinsed out the popcorn bowls, took meat out of the freezer for supper the following evening, checked the cereal box levels, filled the sugar , put spoons and bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for brewing the next morning. She then put some wet clothes in the dryer, put a load of clothes into the washer, ironed a shirt and secured a loose button.

She picked up the game pieces left on the table, put the phone back on the charger and put the telephone book into the . She watered the plants, emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry. She yawned and stretched and headed for the . She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher, counted out some cash for the excursion and pulled a text book out from hiding under the . She signed a birthday card for a friend, addressed and stamped the envelope and wrote a quick note for the grocery store. She put both near her bag.

Mum then washed her face with 3 in 1 cleanser, put on her Night Solution & age fighting moisturizer, brushed and flossed her teeth and filed her . Dad called out, "I thought you were going to bed." "I'm on my way," she said. She put some water into the dog's dish and put the cat outside, then made sure the doors were locked and the light was on. She looked in on each of the kids and turned out their bedside and radios, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks into the hamper, and had a brief conversation with the one up still doing homework. In her own room, she set the alarm; laid out clothing for the next day, straightened up the shoe rack. She added three things to her 6 most important things to do list. She said her prayers, and visualized the accomplishment of her goals.

About that time, Dad turned off the TV and announced to no one in particular. "I'm going to bed." And he did...without another thought. Anything extraordinary here? Wonder why women live longer...?

Taken from email...

Fuel Price Tsunami

Thanks for G for giving ‘rakyat’ fuel price tsunami, I'm the one who most affected with this. And I know, so many of us affected. Right then, the other price will also increase such as flour, milk, diapers, rice, transportation ticket, chicken and many more commodities.

Maybe we should change our lifestyle as show in the picture below.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fuel Price History

Copy and paste from unreliable source. heheee :)

zaman Mahathir
sebelum 90 - RM 0.89
tahun 1990 - RM 1.10 (kenaikan RM 0.21)
01/10/2000 - RM 1.20 ( kenaikan RM 0.10)
20/10/2001 - RM 1.30 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
01/05/2002 - RM 1.32 ( kenaikan RM 0.02)
31/10/2002 - RM 1.33 (kenaikan RM 0.01)
01/03/2003 - RM 1.35 ( kenaikan RM 0.02)
zaman Pak Lah
01/05/2004 - RM 1.37 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
01/10/2004 - RM 1.42 ( kenaikan RM 0.05)
05/05/2005 - RM 1.52 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
31/07/2005 - RM 1.62 ( kenaikan RM 0.10)

28/02/2006 - RM 1.92 (kenaikan RM 0.30)
05/06/2008 - RM 2.70 (kenaikan RM 0.78)

Nota :
(Skrip dulu-dulu)

1. Kenaikan minyak masih rendah berbanding mana2 pun negara ASEAN.

2. Kerajaan akan pastikan kenaikan tidak membebankan

3. Kerajaan tidak mampu lagi menampung subsidi.

4. Kerajaan memberi jaminan harga runcit petroleum tidak akan dinaikkan lagi pada TAHUN INI.

(Skrip sekarang dan akan datang)
1. Rakyat mestilah mengamalkan hidup jimat cermat.
2. Kita akan memastikan harga bahan api antara yg terendah dirantau ini berbanding Singapura dan Thailand.
3. Bila kita susah, kenalah sama-sama susah, bila masa senang, 'kita saling membantu'.
4. Penjimatan subsidi RM13.7 billion 'dipulangkan balik pada rakyat'.
5. Langkah ini adalah 'situasi menang-menang'.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All about friends

After clock in at eight in the morning, I was hurrying to my room. My student already waits for me to brainwashing them. Ahha.. After give a short lecture, I went to my PC and start browsing the web. I’ve got a new Friendster message from Bart, my schoolmate at SMSS.

From his Friendser blog, I’ve jump to another link, they’re all friend of mine when I was studying at SMSS. I saw their photo, I read their profile. They’re all happy and success in their life. With enjoy full look and they’re work well.

But how bout me, I was dump in the land where no one knows me. I only regard myself, help myself. But in this state, I can’t go far. I used to be a hero, to be a zero and now I’m the one who looking for my destiny and goals.

When I remembering past time that I’ve gone through. It’s really make me feel sadden. I wasn’t growing at that time. I wasn’t conscious what I want to be, what I want to find and what I really want. I really don’t know. I only pace what my heart tell, never used the brain to think. Now I’m realizing my self.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How to Remember New Words

Two steps will help you remember new words and add them to your college vocabulary: practicing and building. To become comfortable with the new word, practice using the word in your writing, in your speaking, and in your everyday thoughts. Thinking about new words helps you to remember them. Just memorizing lists of words is not very effective. In order for a word to really become a part of your vocabulary, you have to see it used or hear it used in several different ways over a period of time. When you come across a new word you should ask yourself, "Have I seen this word before, have I heard someone use this word before?" Sound the word out and pronounce it to yourself.

People with poor vocabularies tend to ignore words they don’t know. They just skip over them as if they do not exist. People with good vocabularies, however, are curious about words they do not know. They practice the strategies mentioned above of sounding the word out, asking themselves if they have heard it before and then thinking about the word. They may even use a dictionary to look the word up. It is also beneficial to build a personal vocabulary file that will help you keep up with the new words while you practice them. On an index card, write the word and its meaning, a sentence in which you use the word correctly, and variations of the word.

The following guidelines will help you remember new words:

  1. Practice writing the word and its definition often.

  2. Practice saying the word. Use the pronunciation key in your dictionary to learn the correct pronunciation.
  3. Try to learn the word and its meaning the first time you see it.
  4. Make vocabulary flip cards from index cards. Write the word on one side and the meaning on the other.
  5. Make up a sentence you can understand using the word correctly.
  6. Vary the word: try to make it plural, to change the tense, to add -ly.
  7. Practice the word in conversation, being sure to pronounce it correctly.
  8. Use the word in writing assignments as often as possible.
  9. Repeat the word many times in your mind.
  10. Study a few words each day for several days to firmly learn them. Don’t overload yourself with too long a word list.
  11. Notice the words used by teachers, public speakers, people on TV, etc. If they know these words, why don’t you?

Original Source

Idle Brain.

Sometime this disease is attack me. So hard until make me feel negative, all about negative thing, negative mind. Alas, I have to wake up. Wake up and never ever weak again. Be strong to fight the unnatural and supernatural. Hehehh..

Actually, main thing that I hesitate to do is think about writing. Writing is about pushing your brain to find the ideas, word and theme. In short, writing is about think, think, think and think.

Situation became worst if my mind start boggling. I have the confusion between the need for education and the need of interest and desire. They keep pushing my brain until I feel sleepy and not doing anything. Hurmm.. Or just do a light reading.

By the way, nearly 5 month I’m not read any book. OMG, what happen to me? I hope and wish 22 Jun 2008 will change everything. Especially my mind set and my perspective of views. Better wait that date..

Monday, May 26, 2008

4G67 Spec brief

Grade MS, produced from 1989 (october)

Add to comparsion list

Body type Sedan
Drive FF
Transmission Advanced 5 speed manual
Displacement, cc 1836
Frame E-E35A-SNXM
Price of new car, thousands yen (Tokyo area) 1798 (~$14900)


Exterior dimensions (LxWxH), mm 4560 x 1695 x 1430
Interior dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1825 x 1410 x 1175
Wheel base, mm 2600
Treads (F/R), mm 1460 / 1450
Ground clearance, mm 170
Curb vehicle weight, kg 1180
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Seating capacity, persons 5
Doors number 4
Min.turning radius, m 5.3
Fuel tank capacity, l 60


Displacement, cc 1836
Engine model 4G67 ECI-MULTI
Max.power (Net), kw(PS)/rpm 135 ps (99.29 kw) / 6300 rpm
Max.torque(Net), N*m(kg*m)/rpm 16.2 kg*m (158.87 N*m) / 4500 rpm
Power density 8.74
Engine type Water cooling serial 4 cylinder DOHC16 valve
Engine information
Fuel system ECI-MULTI (electrically controlled gasoline injection)
Turbocharger No
Fuel type Unleaded regular gasoline
LEV system (Low emission vehicle) No
Compression ratio 9.2
Bore, mm 81.5
Stroke, mm 88
Final gear ratio
Fuel consumption at 10-15 modes, l/100km 8.7
Fuel consumption at 60 km/h, l/100km


Power steering Yes
Tires size, front 185/70R14 87s
Tires size rear 185/70R14 87s
Braking system, front Ventilated disk
Braking system, rear Disk
Suspension system, front McPherson strut type
Suspension system, rear 3 link type torsion axle

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mysterious puzzle reveals

I’m woke up as early as 4.30am to prepare myself for APC2007 held in PICC Putrajaya. About half an hour later, I arrived in ILPS and with other 4 friend, we continued our journey.

Finally we arrived in PICC at 7.30am, quite on time with schedule. So we need to hurry for registration. I saw many counter open in the PICC reception hall. They were labeled JTM, JPK, JHEKS and many more. So we’re going to JTM counter.

“Cik, saya nak daftar” A little ladies ask my name and browse in the list. After for a few minutes, “Nama Encik takda la dalam senarai kami”. OMG, I what should I do, my name is not in the list. “Actually, saya ni pemenang myskill, Saya baru dapat jemputan ni semalam” then she said “ Oooo.. Myskills yea.. Encik pergi ke kaunter JPK yea…” Ooo Sh**, feel embarrassed.

Later, I was direct to my place, second row behind VVIP. I’m still wondering what medal that I won. I heard a speech from Dato’ KSU and Dato’ Minister. I was order to make a row to take a medal from YB Minister. I was the last one on the row.

After one by one winner takes their prize, now it’s my turn. “Seterusnya dipersilakan Nik Mohd Fairus Ismail, pemenang pingat perak kategori PC/Network support dari ILP Selandar” OMG.. Now I now that I've won silver medal which carry RM5000. Praise to God. Finally the secret reveal. But I’m still wondering how KSM got the result. Indeed..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Peace of Mind I

Mama's holding Nik Mohd Afiq at Tiara Beach Resort.

Afiq staring at camera.

I win a medal???

Yeah right… But, I’m personally doing not know what type of medal has won by me. Is it Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze? Its keep stuck in my head. All I know is, I was invited to Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang ceremony as a special guest, I guess. Actually as a Myskill2008 winner aka Medallion winner.

Hurmm.. Feel so happy right now. But, yeah there is a BUT.. I don’t know what is exact result for Myskill2008 competition and why they ( ministerial worker ) knows about this result. Maybe they got a shortlist winner from JPK.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mix modes

It’s been long time not writing here, feel like a skill of writing slowly fades away and never grow. Don’t have really bright idea these days and too much work will kill me.

Buck up, need to start again. I have a lot of story in my mind, but don’t know what to start first. A lot of things happen and those events just go like a wind.

Currently, I’m waiting for MySkills 2008 competition result. I am the finale participant and everyone will get a prize. The different is how much the money will be mine. First Prize or Platinum Medal will get RM10000. Second, Gold Medal will get RM7000. Third, Silver Medal will get RM5000 and fourth, Bronze Medal will get RM3000.

Hope I’ll be fine soon..

Monday, May 12, 2008

4G9x series engine spec brief

4G91 - Mitsubishi DOHC

78.4mm bore and 77.5mm stroke
total displacement of 1.5 litres
9.5:1 compression ratio and DOHC
creditable 84kW at 6000 rpm and 135Nm at 5000 rpm

81mm bore
11:1 compression ratio
healthy 107kW at 7000 rpm and 149Nm at 4500 rpm

11:1 compression ratio
129kW at 7500 rpm and 167Nm at 7000 rpm

10:1 compression ratio

89mm stroke – displaces 1.8-litre
88kW and 159Nm

103kW and 167Nm at 6500 and 5000 rpm

4G93 T
143kW at 6000 rpm and 270Nm at 3000 rpm

4G93 T Libero
151kW and 275Nm at 6000 and 3000 rpm

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doa Perpisahan Ketua Jabatan






Sample Iptable Rules

# rules for our firewall
-A INPUT -i lo -p all -j ACCEPT
-A OUTPUT -o lo -p all -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth0 -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p tcp --tcp-option ! 2 -j REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset
# open ports for some services
# open ssh
-A INPUT -p tcp -i eth0 --dport 22 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p udp -i eth0 --dport 22 -j ACCEPT
# open http
-A INPUT -p tcp -i eth0 --dport 80 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p udp -i eth0 --dport 80 -j ACCEPT
# drop all other inbound connections, only allow what we defined above

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

12 Secrets To Success You Need To Know

1. There are no secrets, lessons of achieving success are easily available from the Internet and in the library. There are spiritual teachers who are willing to share their wisdom with you if you are willing to learn and there are gems of wisdom found in many great books.

2. Simple formula for success: "Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and you shall receive!"

3. Be true to yourself and others. "Sincerity is the highest mark of a man." and "Integrity is the essence of everything."

4. Leverage. The highest form of leverage is EDUCATION. "If you are so SMART why aren't you RICH? " Being SMART is doing the things right, being WISE is doing the right things right! Education is the process of discovery.
5. Success is a process. It is a function of correction. Even with the latest technology the success rate in the oil drilling industry is about 10% which means you have to go through nine empty oil wells before you find an oil well with oil! If you are a real estate agent, in a normal market, you have to show your house to 5 to 10 customers before you make a sale. It is proven and tested that most sales were made on the 7th call but most people give up before the 5th call!

6. Take action! "The only failure is the FAILURE TO PARTICIPATE. Talk is cheap, don't tell me, show me! Be willing to do whatever it takes ethically to achieve your dreams!

7. Give. To live is to give and to give is to live. Giving is living and receiving and forgiving. Learn to let go and forgive. "One of the biggest obstacles to learning is ego!" You have heard this saying many times: "To err is human, to forgive, divine." You reap what you sow and it will come back to you in many fold!

8. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cause of it all?" For things to change first you must change! Take responsibility for your results. You are where you are today it is because of your past thoughts, words and actions! If you want a better life, think positive thoughts, say positive words and take positive actions!

9. Precession. Everything happens for a reason and every cause there is an effect and side effects. Little acts or words of kindness can have a positive chain effect and goes a long way! Pay it forward, when you know something good it is your moral obligation to share.

10.What do you really want? Clarity leads to power. If you don't know where you want to go any road will take you there! All successful people are very clear on where they want to go and what they want to achieve. When you are very clear on what you are living for, you will be living a meaningful life!

11. "You are what you think" Read the book "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen.

"Mind is the Master-power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: -
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass.

12. Beliefs. You cannot go against your core values and beliefs. What do you believe? What are the empowering and disempowering thoughts in your mind right now? Yes, you are what you think and your life is the result of your beliefs. If you want to live a better life than you must work on breaking free from your limiting beliefs!

A great way to help yourself is to read good books and mix with good people. Charlie Tremendous Jones said that five years from today the difference in your life will be because of the books you read and the people you meet!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Here it’s comes again.

This Opportunity
Will come for me every 6 month
All I’ve to do is
Try and try again

This Opportunity
Sometime make me feel hoping
Hoping so much hope
But sometimes it’s nothing

This Opportunity
I will try my best
Although it will cost a lot
To achieve my dream

This Opportunity
Never feel negative anymore
I have to accept everything that will come
Cause I’m getting older now

This Opportunity
Maybe will change my life
In the future
An it maybe

This Opportunity
Here it’s comes again.
Here it’s comes again.
Here it’s comes again.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary

This song is stuck in my head lately, very nice and simple song from Indonesian band. I think it is a one of heavenly song that I ever heard. Hihii..

To A’een, hope we are doing fine. Across a years, a lot of happiness, sadness we are been through. Love is above of all matters.

Happy Anniversary

Sebelas Januari - gigi

Sebelas Januari Bertemu
Menjalani Kisah Cinta Ini
Naluri Berkata Engkaulah Milikku
Bahagia Selalu Dimiliki
Bertahun Menjalani Bersamamu
Kunyatakan bahwa Engkaulah jiwaku

Akulah Penjagamu
Akulah Pelindungmu
Akulah Pendampingmu
Di setiap langkah-langkahmu

Pernahku Menyakiti Hatimu
Pernah kau melupakan janji ini
Semua Karena kita ini manusia

Akulah Penjagamu
Akulah Pelindungmu
Akulah Pendampingmu
Di setiap langkah-langkahmu

Kau bawa diriku
Kedalam hidupmu
Kau basuh diriku
Dengan rasa sayang
Senyummu juga sedihmu adalah Hidupku
Kau sentuh cintaku dengan lembut
Dengan sejuta warna

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Your rights have been decline.

Sometime I have to accept it, ignore it and let it go. Sometime I don’t mind if my rights have been dumped. Just ignore it, push it away just like a wind. It goes but we can never see it really goes.

Why most of human is depend on seniority. What is the meaning of the seniority? Is it means old, thinking wisely, a lot of experience and a lot of everything? But seniority also robs everything from junior, an entry level of everything.

I have my own rights, my own perspective, my personality and goals. But a lot of time I have to hold it. Give it to everyone else and sitting down in my little place in the side of office.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Welcome the New Year.

Welcoming the New Year must be exciting time for all people all around the world. They make a new wish, hope and resolution. Year 2007 just go by like a wind. Here it comes, Year 2008.

A lot of thing going on me lately, feel like unmanaged myself. I think it is because my greatest goal last year not achieved. I felt so sad and sometime I feel unmotivated. But life goes on. Let bygones be bygones. Really have to start a new one, a brand new one.

I didn’t compile Year 2008 resolution yet, I really don’t have any idea about it right now. For the time being, I just want to do my chores and live happily with my wife and kid. I didn’t yet study for my incoming PTK. Let it be.