Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Sandbox

I've just finish installing my new sandbox, for my testing and intructoral material for 2/2006 semester. It was Debian GNU\Linux codename Sarge running 2.6.8-2 kernel, so I've plan to recompile kernel due to usb driver problem using 2.6.16-20 latest kernel.
The purpose of my new sanbox is for student local shell, web application, mail account and ldap directory. Student will use this box remotely for C and PHP programming language lesson.


Last night i've miss brazil vs crotia match, it is because i was so sleepy, plan to take a nap about 15-30 minutes, but when i wake up.. It was about 6.00 am. Feel so frustrated so much..

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Last night i stayed in my friend's house to watching world cup game,
It was about 3.00 am, Argentina vs Ivory Coast, the match result is
Argentina defeating Ivory Coast 2-1, I think it's a great game.

Today, I wake up ot 6.30 am and preparing to go to my workplace.
I little bit sleepy, but it's ok. After check email, i looking at
download progress for Debian sarge that i download from mirror.

DVD 1 is complete and DVD 2 is about 10% to go. I'm using jigsaw downloder
to download my Debian DVD.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today, i was lonely in my house. My sister n her family going to mecca for doing Umrah n ziarah.
Yesterday, my sister came here before she's going to johor bharu, Actually she is a teacher
in SMK taman Universiti in skudai.

Last night. as i predicted, my favorite team win in world cup final round campaign, Jerman
beat Costa Rica 4-2 in opening match. My wife is a brazil fan. And i think Jerman will meet Brazil
at World cup final. I guess.. :-)

Friday, June 09, 2006

my first post...

This is my fisrt post, when everyone have their own blog to write what they feel. Evan my wife also have her blog to express her feeling...
I'm hoping with this blog. I can improve my english and my writing skill. So many thing I want to learn in this life. But to learn everything is a hard, and maybe can cause us to suffer.. :-).

Ok for now, this is my point of view. That All...