Friday, August 03, 2007

Finding a crèche

Yesterday, mother-in-law and I went to Kak Zaimah’s house to discuss about my boy. I planned to send my boy there while I in working day. Unfortunately, she wasn’t at home because she went back to her village. I told her daughter to envoy my message to her mother that I was going to send my little boy.

I need to discus about fee and time to send to her house. I have surveyed the price of the crèche before. Not so bad, it was about RM150 to RM 250 per month. That mean I have to spend about RM500 monthly for my little boy.

Although there was a risk to let my child in crèche, I have to do it because I don’t want to bother my mother-in-law. She also has other chores to do at home. Ermm.. I mean it is a household chore and she’s also missing her other grandchild in Johore. She visits her grandchild once in a while.

Lately, my wife is really busy because she’s heading to involve in new ICT project. I was pity at her. But I can’t really help her. All I can do is to give a support and cheer her in whatever condition. Good Luck for her.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wrote a letter

I was stuck on doing application for uitm-PLK, I read clearly the passage of the condition of application. They need a transcript of diploma. Oh no… I know several of my classmate have already take their transcript by I’m the one who not doing it yet. I try to gain any information about this on mailing list and I got few of it.

I called CIAST to request the transcript but the response is very bad. I have to wait for long time to wait another people to pick up the phone. I spoke to En. Suhaimi, he asked me to write a application letter to Head of Bahagian Pengurusan Latihan.

This morning, I spent about 2 hours to write a letter; actually I don’t have any idea what the letter look is like. I just open Ms Word and just type whatever flying in my mind. Hope the reason I put on it is acceptable. I will fax the letter in this evening.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Went to Jasin

I went to Jasin this morning to withdraw money from bank to buy a honey bee. Recently, I start to take honey before go to bed so that my body not feeling cold when I’m sleeping. After that, I went to BSN to deposit money for Uitm e-application for Disember 2007 intake.

It’s a little bit disappointed because Uitm didn’t offer the course that I want to apply this semester. After discussing with my wife, I decided to apply a social science course. Actually, I also have a passion in a social science. The career opportunity is also wide in this course.

After deposited some money, my stomach is grouchy. So I stop at Haja Café to buy some food. I take away my food and eat it in my office with my partner. That all for today’s story. I don’t have any ideas to write anymore.