Monday, February 26, 2007

Kid's typing skill

What is the Kid's Typing skill, it a computer program that newly found by me to learn keyboard and practice in a wise way. Firstly, I need to familiarize the keyboard button and location of character and number. It's quiet fun and I practice it everyday in a day work. I think it's fun like playing game.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

My testimony

Thank to all people who inspire me to better English. Before this, I look this subject is a barrier for me in a working environment and my opportunity to further my study. But now, I fell very enjoying reading and writing in English. Although my command in English is not good enough. I feel comfortably speaking to my wife using English, talking to my colleges using English and talking to everyone using English.

my favourite place to work

recently i've watching a video clip from youtube a work environment inside Google office.. First Impression that i have made is Woowww.. It's so wonderfull. Sometime it seem to ridiculous... Crazy place but i love it...

Got everything for free and have motivated colleges.. That why they love their job.