Thursday, December 14, 2006

Anything 4 U

To my love, I'll do anything for you. I just wanna be with you forever. Although I have to sacrifice, i have to do that. Don't want to hurt you, don't want to let you down. Trust me please.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


When we heard a teenager, what in our head thinking of them. It's something about rude, craziness and hot blood. Some time I wonder why teenagers does not thinking before they do something. Actually, I have a story to tell about teenagers

There's one girl who flirt with her boyfriend and will give the boy anything in her to that boy. It was so pity. Does not that girl think about her mother and father before she going with guy. I told that girl. Have you ever think where is your father and your mother when you do such a dirty work. Does you think about them. So, why you ever do bad thing with other boy.

She does not know what is happen to her in 5 year coming. Does the boy will protect her, does the boy will marry her. It is unsure yet. So, only knowledge will protect her. I you don't have the knowledge yet. Find it right now.

I hope someday, this girl will realize what I told to her. I does not mean to torture her. But, it was my duty to tell the teenager how is important the knowledge. Even though they will hate me. I have to do this because this is my duty.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What a buzy day

Today I am quite busy at my workplace, from the morning I have to finished a selection of company to supply computer part to my place. I have selected two company that offer good price and specification. There is so many item to verified one by one.

After that I have to handle final exam for semester two student. The exam start at 10.30 am and end at 12.30 pm. After collecting a paper. Someone the me that the external audit want to come to my department tomorrow the check ISO implementation on my institute.

I have not finished yet doing my lesson plan for level three student. So, by hook or by crook I must finish it today. But it was not so many, it's about five lesson plan to go. Before that, I have to update organizational chart in my website. My boss claim that the chart is very old and need to be replace now..

Woowww... What a busy day hah.... But I can manage it all, So simple for me.. Now, I have finished do all work and now I can enjoy my lunch without any problem..


Monday, December 04, 2006

Mentor finally ends.

The reality TV program's Mentor is finally end last night with Fiq gloriously won the competition. I was expect the result early that Fiq will won because he is very talented boy. I am also like Nieyl's performance. But there no lucky for her.

The judges last night is very professional, Roslan Aziz, Liza Hanim and Zainal Abidin. They give a good comment and advice to protoge. Sometime their comment is heavy and sharp. But I think it was good for protege if they want to improve their performance.

Fiq doing good last night. He sang a energetic song like Isi dan Kulit and Fatasia Bulan Madu. His mentor is also great to. His mentor is Amy Search.. Pheeewwwiiiitttt.... :-)

I hope Fiq will success in future, hope he will fight well with Indonesian Bintang cari Bintang champion and bring Malaysia pride. In his future career, good luck to you

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Magic Words

Every human creature is a servant of God
Men who suffer not, Attain no perfection
The love of God bring endless happiness
Fear and ignorance are the root cause of intolerance
Love base on wisdom is real love
A watched kettle never boils
A drowning man will clutch at a straw
Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard
The source of all good is trust in God
Peace is pure force that penetrates the shell of chaos
Tolerance is the knowledge of the other
Life is a field of action
Honesty is never to misuse that which is given in trust
Love is the catalyst for change, development and achievement
The giving of love is itself an education
Honesty is the best policy
Succeeding is no harder than failing
Success is a habit

Learning English

Every I try to write in English, and now, I feel comfortable writing my blog in English. Although I am not good command in English, at least I try to make it. Never give forever... :-)

Today, I have to control my student taking exam Network Client Administration. The exam last at 12.30pm. After that, I have a lunch by myself in my office. :-\, feel so lonely eating alone.

Next is I trying to find in internet the source to study English. I found several website offering English lesson. Feel very happy but I am not fully browse it yet. Sometime later I will do it.

Everyday I try read and write in English. If I not writing in my blog. I will write everywhere such as wikipedia and online forum. At least I will write one in all day's work.

I hope someday, my command in English will more better than today. The most important is I will not give up..


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Backup System... So much Important

Today someone ask me to check his computer because there was error. So I check the computer and that was server error. So i run back to my server room. And I found that the server was down. It was Win2k Advance Server for Database using Sybase. I try to restart the server but there no meaning of it, because all the scsi disk not online.

Waduh.... So scary, I try to unplug and plug again but it not going fine, the LED of the disk not on. So I decide to move the database to temporary system. I have backup the database to the another server. I named it TMS Server. But the vendor of TMS server was delete the backup file.

OMG.... What can I do anymore, I try to search to another server, but I didn't find it. The database system is not under warranty anymore, so I cannot call the vendor, because the contract has finish.

Then I gi back to TMS server. I try to check in Recycle Bin. Yeaahhh... I found it, the have not empty the Recycle Bin yet... I saved... :-)

Than now the system is up and running in temporary server. Next is, I have to check to the server why the scsi didn't functions...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Abandon or leaving.

Sometime I wonder which is hard, abandon or leaving. Live far away from my love one is very hard to me. For this I time. I'm usually take a long journey to go to Melaka from Terengganu. Usually, I take a bus from Kuala Terengganu at 9.30 pm and will arrive at Jasin at 5.30 pm. It almost 8 hours in bus. Sometime I can sleep but somtime I cannot sleep because the bus is speeding so fast. I feel scare.

Usually I take a leave on Sunday, because West Coast is a holiday on Sunday. So, I at Melaka from Friday to Sunday. It was three days. But I very hate Sunday night. Because that night I have to go back to Terengganu. It is so hard to leave my love one there, but I have to. I have to work to get money for our family. Especially coming soon baby. I really have to work hard.

My wife also feel sad, I can see on her face. Not cheer at all. Sorry my love.. I have to do this. Because I love U so much. Because I want our family will not in trouble in future. I want to make our family live happily ever after.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tough Trip To K.T

On Sunday night, I was waiting a bus to Kuala Terengganu at Jasin Bus Station. Suddenly i feel my stomach ache, Before that i was stopping at Shell Petrol station toilet, but my stomach still in pain because I eat hot food. You know that Melaka people eat very hot food. Red Flag Food... hehehe...

At 10.45pm, the bus arrive. After kissing my wife, I jump into bus and start journey to Kuala Terengganu.. After arrive at Tangkak, I cannot hold anymore, my face is pale in pain.. So I tell the driver to stop at any petrol station because I want to go to toilet. Fortunately, there is a Caltex Petrol Station in Tangkak. So, I'm running go to toilet... hahaaa

That was a tough journey to terengganu, but luckily, I have a new blanket, so I not feeling cold in bus. SKA bus is very cold . So much cold like freezer.. :-)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tabligh Vs Jihad

When I was sitting waiting for final exam, i was talking to one staff who was a Tabligh people. I have many thing to say, but sadly, I'm not very fluent in English.

Our conversation is about 'nafsu amarah yang marah' :-), he told me that he go to some place where is the people the like to "menyabung ayam". He told me how to advice that people. Not with a rough way. Must be polite.

Then he want me to help him to print his logo with color printer, so i tell him to go to my boss and use my boss's printer. But he refuse, because he hate and angry to my boss. It is because it was scold by my boss. He tell me that he cannot stand cool if someone talking not polite to him.

The tabligh man said that he cannot see or even talking to my boss, because of 'amarah' feeling.. He can control the feeling even he want to beat my boss..

In my heart, so pity to this tabligh man. Everyday he tell people about good of religion, but he himself cannot control a truly enemy. The enemy is inside his body, he cannot kill the enemy but he must control it. That is the truly battle, I mean a battle that never ending, "jihad". I think, in Tabligh, there is no "jihad". they just "dakwah".

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Final Exam

This week is a final exam week for a student. Today I on duty to keep the final exam for English paper going well. I try to look at the final paper. In my opinion, that was so easy. I think it is too beginner. Even people likes me who don't know English very well, that the paper is so easy. I try to look several student answer. Unfortunately, they cannot answer the question. So pity of them.

I think my English language is so bad right know. Even I myself don't know what was i'm writing, hehee.. Just hentam laaaa.. huhuu

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oh my... My application approve

What can i say anymore.. Feel so happy n joy so much. My application to move to melacca has approve by JTM. I got the letter from JTM yesterday. They inform me that my application has forwarded to JPA for further action.

I want to make a surprise to my wife, hehee... I just told her ny SMS and not give her a detail explanation about this letter. Not long after that, she call me n surprisingly want to know about this.. hehehe...

Now, i have to do is pray so that JPA will approve my application as soon as possible. I can't stay to live far away from my wife anymore.. :-(

Monday, August 28, 2006


Today, i'm quite busy doing my my, it'll about TMS my my letter for change workplace to melacca. From morning i'm rushing to complete my letter and lastly i submit the letter to pengarah at 4.00 pm. Hoping that my application will approve as soon as possible.

I'm transferring to melacca because of my wife is there, i must be there to watch her, and InsyaAllah if i have 'rezeki', next year i'll becamo dad. :-)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

PC Fair

PC Fair in terengganu is not very popular i think. Because there were not many booth are open. I with 53 student trying to search what is newest technology there.
My student found a 8GB thumb drive with only RM 150.00. I think that is so cheap. Unfortunately i already have 40GB cute external hard drive, there is no need for me to buy that thumbdrive.

I was interested with brand new Sony Nootbook with intel Core Duo. But it's so expensive maa... Unlucky again... hehee

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Sandbox

I've just finish installing my new sandbox, for my testing and intructoral material for 2/2006 semester. It was Debian GNU\Linux codename Sarge running 2.6.8-2 kernel, so I've plan to recompile kernel due to usb driver problem using 2.6.16-20 latest kernel.
The purpose of my new sanbox is for student local shell, web application, mail account and ldap directory. Student will use this box remotely for C and PHP programming language lesson.


Last night i've miss brazil vs crotia match, it is because i was so sleepy, plan to take a nap about 15-30 minutes, but when i wake up.. It was about 6.00 am. Feel so frustrated so much..

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Last night i stayed in my friend's house to watching world cup game,
It was about 3.00 am, Argentina vs Ivory Coast, the match result is
Argentina defeating Ivory Coast 2-1, I think it's a great game.

Today, I wake up ot 6.30 am and preparing to go to my workplace.
I little bit sleepy, but it's ok. After check email, i looking at
download progress for Debian sarge that i download from mirror.

DVD 1 is complete and DVD 2 is about 10% to go. I'm using jigsaw downloder
to download my Debian DVD.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today, i was lonely in my house. My sister n her family going to mecca for doing Umrah n ziarah.
Yesterday, my sister came here before she's going to johor bharu, Actually she is a teacher
in SMK taman Universiti in skudai.

Last night. as i predicted, my favorite team win in world cup final round campaign, Jerman
beat Costa Rica 4-2 in opening match. My wife is a brazil fan. And i think Jerman will meet Brazil
at World cup final. I guess.. :-)

Friday, June 09, 2006

my first post...

This is my fisrt post, when everyone have their own blog to write what they feel. Evan my wife also have her blog to express her feeling...
I'm hoping with this blog. I can improve my english and my writing skill. So many thing I want to learn in this life. But to learn everything is a hard, and maybe can cause us to suffer.. :-).

Ok for now, this is my point of view. That All...