Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tabligh Vs Jihad

When I was sitting waiting for final exam, i was talking to one staff who was a Tabligh people. I have many thing to say, but sadly, I'm not very fluent in English.

Our conversation is about 'nafsu amarah yang marah' :-), he told me that he go to some place where is the people the like to "menyabung ayam". He told me how to advice that people. Not with a rough way. Must be polite.

Then he want me to help him to print his logo with color printer, so i tell him to go to my boss and use my boss's printer. But he refuse, because he hate and angry to my boss. It is because it was scold by my boss. He tell me that he cannot stand cool if someone talking not polite to him.

The tabligh man said that he cannot see or even talking to my boss, because of 'amarah' feeling.. He can control the feeling even he want to beat my boss..

In my heart, so pity to this tabligh man. Everyday he tell people about good of religion, but he himself cannot control a truly enemy. The enemy is inside his body, he cannot kill the enemy but he must control it. That is the truly battle, I mean a battle that never ending, "jihad". I think, in Tabligh, there is no "jihad". they just "dakwah".

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