Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Abandon or leaving.

Sometime I wonder which is hard, abandon or leaving. Live far away from my love one is very hard to me. For this I time. I'm usually take a long journey to go to Melaka from Terengganu. Usually, I take a bus from Kuala Terengganu at 9.30 pm and will arrive at Jasin at 5.30 pm. It almost 8 hours in bus. Sometime I can sleep but somtime I cannot sleep because the bus is speeding so fast. I feel scare.

Usually I take a leave on Sunday, because West Coast is a holiday on Sunday. So, I at Melaka from Friday to Sunday. It was three days. But I very hate Sunday night. Because that night I have to go back to Terengganu. It is so hard to leave my love one there, but I have to. I have to work to get money for our family. Especially coming soon baby. I really have to work hard.

My wife also feel sad, I can see on her face. Not cheer at all. Sorry my love.. I have to do this. Because I love U so much. Because I want our family will not in trouble in future. I want to make our family live happily ever after.

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