Thursday, November 30, 2006

Backup System... So much Important

Today someone ask me to check his computer because there was error. So I check the computer and that was server error. So i run back to my server room. And I found that the server was down. It was Win2k Advance Server for Database using Sybase. I try to restart the server but there no meaning of it, because all the scsi disk not online.

Waduh.... So scary, I try to unplug and plug again but it not going fine, the LED of the disk not on. So I decide to move the database to temporary system. I have backup the database to the another server. I named it TMS Server. But the vendor of TMS server was delete the backup file.

OMG.... What can I do anymore, I try to search to another server, but I didn't find it. The database system is not under warranty anymore, so I cannot call the vendor, because the contract has finish.

Then I gi back to TMS server. I try to check in Recycle Bin. Yeaahhh... I found it, the have not empty the Recycle Bin yet... I saved... :-)

Than now the system is up and running in temporary server. Next is, I have to check to the server why the scsi didn't functions...

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