Sunday, December 03, 2006

Learning English

Every I try to write in English, and now, I feel comfortable writing my blog in English. Although I am not good command in English, at least I try to make it. Never give forever... :-)

Today, I have to control my student taking exam Network Client Administration. The exam last at 12.30pm. After that, I have a lunch by myself in my office. :-\, feel so lonely eating alone.

Next is I trying to find in internet the source to study English. I found several website offering English lesson. Feel very happy but I am not fully browse it yet. Sometime later I will do it.

Everyday I try read and write in English. If I not writing in my blog. I will write everywhere such as wikipedia and online forum. At least I will write one in all day's work.

I hope someday, my command in English will more better than today. The most important is I will not give up..


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