Wednesday, December 06, 2006


When we heard a teenager, what in our head thinking of them. It's something about rude, craziness and hot blood. Some time I wonder why teenagers does not thinking before they do something. Actually, I have a story to tell about teenagers

There's one girl who flirt with her boyfriend and will give the boy anything in her to that boy. It was so pity. Does not that girl think about her mother and father before she going with guy. I told that girl. Have you ever think where is your father and your mother when you do such a dirty work. Does you think about them. So, why you ever do bad thing with other boy.

She does not know what is happen to her in 5 year coming. Does the boy will protect her, does the boy will marry her. It is unsure yet. So, only knowledge will protect her. I you don't have the knowledge yet. Find it right now.

I hope someday, this girl will realize what I told to her. I does not mean to torture her. But, it was my duty to tell the teenager how is important the knowledge. Even though they will hate me. I have to do this because this is my duty.

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