Monday, December 04, 2006

Mentor finally ends.

The reality TV program's Mentor is finally end last night with Fiq gloriously won the competition. I was expect the result early that Fiq will won because he is very talented boy. I am also like Nieyl's performance. But there no lucky for her.

The judges last night is very professional, Roslan Aziz, Liza Hanim and Zainal Abidin. They give a good comment and advice to protoge. Sometime their comment is heavy and sharp. But I think it was good for protege if they want to improve their performance.

Fiq doing good last night. He sang a energetic song like Isi dan Kulit and Fatasia Bulan Madu. His mentor is also great to. His mentor is Amy Search.. Pheeewwwiiiitttt.... :-)

I hope Fiq will success in future, hope he will fight well with Indonesian Bintang cari Bintang champion and bring Malaysia pride. In his future career, good luck to you

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