Monday, August 28, 2006


Today, i'm quite busy doing my my, it'll about TMS my my letter for change workplace to melacca. From morning i'm rushing to complete my letter and lastly i submit the letter to pengarah at 4.00 pm. Hoping that my application will approve as soon as possible.

I'm transferring to melacca because of my wife is there, i must be there to watch her, and InsyaAllah if i have 'rezeki', next year i'll becamo dad. :-)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

PC Fair

PC Fair in terengganu is not very popular i think. Because there were not many booth are open. I with 53 student trying to search what is newest technology there.
My student found a 8GB thumb drive with only RM 150.00. I think that is so cheap. Unfortunately i already have 40GB cute external hard drive, there is no need for me to buy that thumbdrive.

I was interested with brand new Sony Nootbook with intel Core Duo. But it's so expensive maa... Unlucky again... hehee