Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wandering around

I enjoy free time today; don’t have any single class on Wednesday, great right. During my free time, I prepared an assessment paper for tomorrow classes. I plan to give them a simple knowledge and practical quiz. Just for refresher course.

While listen Mandy Moore latest single, I browse for latest information. I found many of news covered about new government agenda that is NCER and ECER. I don’t quite understand what the hell is “Economic Region”, but as long as it will bring more benefit to Malaysian. That’s good.

Also in the news is Datuk Khusaini has been appointed as chairmain of Education Services Commission aka Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pendidikan. I don’t really sure Datuk Khusaini is a PTD or PPP.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hectic day

Now I’m back to hectic life, this is always happen in the end of semester. Actually, this semester will end on December. I got one month to finish all the teaching activity before study week. Have to prepare a lot of written instructional material and subject assessment. My gosh…

This week is not really good for me; I’ve to withdraw a skill and creative competition held in Kepala Batas Industrial Training Institute due to budget constraint. Instead, KJ assigns me to complete the half way system create by my boss. OMG, this is bullshit. How come!

But luckily, I let is go, no hard feeling. Better go home and play with my wife and child. Hehee… Anyway, I’ll do anything with all my best. Most of me bla bla bla…… (some motivational quote)…..

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hari Raya Goodies.

Hari Raya comes again this year, that’s mean I have to prepared all item such as Hari Raya clothes, Kuih Raya and last but not least, Duit Raya. This year, I planed to give my entire nephew at the same rate of Duit Raya except for those who study in IPTA.

I went to Jasin Town this noon to change new money. But all of them were out of stock. Oh no... Really disappointed, what should I do? All I have is RM 50 and RM 10 note. I’m not going to give my entire nephew RM 50 per person. I’m not rich enough. I hope this problem will solve later.

This year, I will celebrate Raya as usual in my hometown in Terengganu. Really nice place and people are friendly. To anybody who celebrate Raya in Terengganu. You’re invited to my place. Indeed…

Monday, October 08, 2007

Break Fasting at Strait Mosque (Masjid Selat, Melaka)

It was a very nice mosque I’ve ever seen. Located near the Melaka Raya, Strait Mosque is on an artificial island in the Strait of Malacca. I was break fasting there because my wife’s office mate held a break fasting ceremony.

I seated with the Director of her office apart from my wife, beside me is Mrs. Anis's husband and Malacca Forestry Officer. I was quite formal but I have enjoyed the food. Thank to the Malacca Land and Mine Office for inviting us.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Break Fasting Ceremony

Last Saturday, all former Centers for Instructor and Advance Skill Training (CIAST) had gathered at Azira Restaurant, Seksyen 10, Shah Alam. About 30 members attend this meeting.

Surprisingly, all of them are slightly changed, formerly skinny and now plump, hehee.. As far as I know, two of our member will become a mother next year, Congratulation. Here I attach some picture of us. Sorry for a weak English command, u know that…

From Left; me, Fendi, Piji, Yam

Piji's girlfriend, Ila and Napi

Yam, Imah, Amie, Zairi and Sauki

Zaha and Napi


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nik Muhammad Afiq

My son is seven month old now, he’s quite active and love to crawl in a dining room. Sometime he is begging to someone especially me, hoping that he’ll be put in their arm.

This is a picture of Nik Mouhammad Afiq with his Wan (grandmother). Wan love afiq very much, she always kisses Afiq on his cheek and head. When Afis was crying, just Wan can stop the tear. I don’t know why, maybe Wan got some talent.

Afiq need mama if he want to sleep, sometime Afiq sleep in swing cradle.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday Post

Today, I was quite busy preparing and compiling a new question for Semester 1 knowledge assessment. The assessment will be held on tomorrow from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm. After finished compile the question, I go to photocopier machine to print a question book for 21 students.

I received “kuih raya” that I ordered from my colleague last week, it’s “kuih suji” and “kuih cip coklat”. I bought 2 boxes for each. I think it’s enough because my wife also bought a “kuih raya”. It’s not wise in spending I we’ve bought so many “kuih raya”.

Ok, don’t have any idea to write. Lastly, I must always put in my mind that the spending of money must be well planned otherwise I’ll suffer then. Don’t buy if thing not very important. As long as you plan, you’ll never fail. 

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

“Buka Puasa” Gathering

I have attended a Ciastmain family gathering at Azira’s Restaurant in Seksyen 10 Shah Alam. I arrived there exactly 6.30pm, a half an hour late. This is due to several unexpected thing happen. I went to Sekyen 18 first to pick up Fendi to join our gathering.

Approximately 30 members attended the gathering; some of them bring their family member to join us. I was so glad to hear that some of the members are going to a mother soon. Hope they will take good care of themselves.

I want thank to all of members of participate in this event. I hope this relationship will last forever. In my humble opinion, as long as we still uphold in the name of friendship and families, our bond is going to be well.