Friday, October 05, 2007

Break Fasting Ceremony

Last Saturday, all former Centers for Instructor and Advance Skill Training (CIAST) had gathered at Azira Restaurant, Seksyen 10, Shah Alam. About 30 members attend this meeting.

Surprisingly, all of them are slightly changed, formerly skinny and now plump, hehee.. As far as I know, two of our member will become a mother next year, Congratulation. Here I attach some picture of us. Sorry for a weak English command, u know that…

From Left; me, Fendi, Piji, Yam

Piji's girlfriend, Ila and Napi

Yam, Imah, Amie, Zairi and Sauki

Zaha and Napi



Anonymous said...

thanks bro for the pictures..
u are really look alike 'papa boy' and plump...heheheh..

nmfairus said...

hehee... Tapi ade org lain lagi yang lebih plump... Presiden kelab PJK laaa... hihih