Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hectic day

Now I’m back to hectic life, this is always happen in the end of semester. Actually, this semester will end on December. I got one month to finish all the teaching activity before study week. Have to prepare a lot of written instructional material and subject assessment. My gosh…

This week is not really good for me; I’ve to withdraw a skill and creative competition held in Kepala Batas Industrial Training Institute due to budget constraint. Instead, KJ assigns me to complete the half way system create by my boss. OMG, this is bullshit. How come!

But luckily, I let is go, no hard feeling. Better go home and play with my wife and child. Hehee… Anyway, I’ll do anything with all my best. Most of me bla bla bla…… (some motivational quote)…..

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