Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hari Raya Goodies.

Hari Raya comes again this year, that’s mean I have to prepared all item such as Hari Raya clothes, Kuih Raya and last but not least, Duit Raya. This year, I planed to give my entire nephew at the same rate of Duit Raya except for those who study in IPTA.

I went to Jasin Town this noon to change new money. But all of them were out of stock. Oh no... Really disappointed, what should I do? All I have is RM 50 and RM 10 note. I’m not going to give my entire nephew RM 50 per person. I’m not rich enough. I hope this problem will solve later.

This year, I will celebrate Raya as usual in my hometown in Terengganu. Really nice place and people are friendly. To anybody who celebrate Raya in Terengganu. You’re invited to my place. Indeed…

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