Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is IS?

Today, I was framed again by this silly question. Although I’ve been in IT industry for nearly 10 years, I can’t give a specific definition to this term. Shame on me laaa… hehee. But remember, as people, we a in a learning process. If we don’t know, it’s our duty to find it out.

So, what is IS or Information System and how IS give impact to our life? I believe IS having given many influences in our life. In this internet era, it’s hard to gain information if not using IS nowadays. IS and IT is different thing. Don’t think it is the same.

Before we know the IS, we have to know what is the ‘system’ itself. ‘System’ is a collections of inter related part that interact with each other to transform input into output to achieve certain goals. As an example, please take a look at our body system. We have hand, leg, head and other part that are working together. That make us alive.. 

What the information system? It’s a collection of Data, People, Hardware, Software, Process and Procedure that inter related and interact with each other to transform input into output to achieve goals or creating business value. The input is referring to data, then processed to produce output or Information that can be use by people.

So, what’s the impact of Information System to our life? We need a complete, accurate, reliable, relevant, objective, and timely data to help us in decision making. So, the information system helps us in gaining the information. We can see a lot of example of using internet for gaining information.

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