Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New air to breath

While I’m browsing the internet, suddenly appear my Boss from front door. It was my second big boss aka my KJ’s. Why she came here? With eagerness to see me.
I don’t know why until she asked me.” Nik, kenapa awak amik bidang lain. Knapa tak teruskan bidang asal”. Yupppp… That was the question.

And Why, why, why. Why I choose different course. Cause I’ve fed up, fed up with seniority, fed up with bureaucracy, and fed up with several people in the management office. They’re suck, prejudice and double standard. Now, I’m just ignoring people like that, hell with ‘em.

Why management science instead of computer engineering? It’s the opportunity that’s given to. The opportunity to further my study in computer engineering course have been decline by these people. All the time. So I choose other than that.

Many thing to say, but I don’t have time..
Need to go then.

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