Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All about friends

After clock in at eight in the morning, I was hurrying to my room. My student already waits for me to brainwashing them. Ahha.. After give a short lecture, I went to my PC and start browsing the web. I’ve got a new Friendster message from Bart, my schoolmate at SMSS.

From his Friendser blog, I’ve jump to another link, they’re all friend of mine when I was studying at SMSS. I saw their photo, I read their profile. They’re all happy and success in their life. With enjoy full look and they’re work well.

But how bout me, I was dump in the land where no one knows me. I only regard myself, help myself. But in this state, I can’t go far. I used to be a hero, to be a zero and now I’m the one who looking for my destiny and goals.

When I remembering past time that I’ve gone through. It’s really make me feel sadden. I wasn’t growing at that time. I wasn’t conscious what I want to be, what I want to find and what I really want. I really don’t know. I only pace what my heart tell, never used the brain to think. Now I’m realizing my self.

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