Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Idle Brain.

Sometime this disease is attack me. So hard until make me feel negative, all about negative thing, negative mind. Alas, I have to wake up. Wake up and never ever weak again. Be strong to fight the unnatural and supernatural. Hehehh..

Actually, main thing that I hesitate to do is think about writing. Writing is about pushing your brain to find the ideas, word and theme. In short, writing is about think, think, think and think.

Situation became worst if my mind start boggling. I have the confusion between the need for education and the need of interest and desire. They keep pushing my brain until I feel sleepy and not doing anything. Hurmm.. Or just do a light reading.

By the way, nearly 5 month I’m not read any book. OMG, what happen to me? I hope and wish 22 Jun 2008 will change everything. Especially my mind set and my perspective of views. Better wait that date..

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