Friday, May 23, 2008

Mysterious puzzle reveals

I’m woke up as early as 4.30am to prepare myself for APC2007 held in PICC Putrajaya. About half an hour later, I arrived in ILPS and with other 4 friend, we continued our journey.

Finally we arrived in PICC at 7.30am, quite on time with schedule. So we need to hurry for registration. I saw many counter open in the PICC reception hall. They were labeled JTM, JPK, JHEKS and many more. So we’re going to JTM counter.

“Cik, saya nak daftar” A little ladies ask my name and browse in the list. After for a few minutes, “Nama Encik takda la dalam senarai kami”. OMG, I what should I do, my name is not in the list. “Actually, saya ni pemenang myskill, Saya baru dapat jemputan ni semalam” then she said “ Oooo.. Myskills yea.. Encik pergi ke kaunter JPK yea…” Ooo Sh**, feel embarrassed.

Later, I was direct to my place, second row behind VVIP. I’m still wondering what medal that I won. I heard a speech from Dato’ KSU and Dato’ Minister. I was order to make a row to take a medal from YB Minister. I was the last one on the row.

After one by one winner takes their prize, now it’s my turn. “Seterusnya dipersilakan Nik Mohd Fairus Ismail, pemenang pingat perak kategori PC/Network support dari ILP Selandar” OMG.. Now I now that I've won silver medal which carry RM5000. Praise to God. Finally the secret reveal. But I’m still wondering how KSM got the result. Indeed..

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