Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is Tuesday, but I feel I like a Friday. Listening to a slow song encourage me to do the work slowly. Anyway, many tasks have done in slow motion. Slow but it move. It’s okay laaa….

Today, I’m just sitting at my desk, waiting for my student to get my signature for their SKM application portfolio. In addition to my boring mode, I will sign the portfolio if they can make me laughing, hahahaa.. Some of them sing a song, dancing, acting and many more. But there is a limit. I will not allow them to do something that will embarrass them.

Here is some poem that has declamation by one of my student.

Pesan Seorang Bakal SN

Usah berpuisi tentang bunga
Tentang kumbang menyeri kembang
Lantaran kita bukan penjaga taman

Usah berpuisi tentang ikan
Tentang sampan dan lautan
Lantaran kita bukan nelayan

Usah berpuisi tentang tudung kepala
Tentang syurga dan neraka
Lantaran kita bukan guru agama

Usah berpuisi tentang pilihanraya
Tentang nepotosme dan kronisme
Lantaran kita hanya sasterawan semata.


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