Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My goal

This year, I have setting up several goals to achieve. I have achieved two out of three main goals for this year. From the beginning of the year, strong efforts have taken to finish the goal.

My first thrust is moving a workplace from Terengganu to Malacca, I begin this effort from end of August 2006 and the it is achieved on January 2007, After three month amendment, I begin working in Malacca on April 2007.

Second goal is passing a MUET examination. I filled up a form of application for MUET exam on January 2007. The MUET have held on March and I got a result on July. Fortunately I pass the exam with band three. It was not excellent but I’m satisfied with that result. Maybe I will retake the exam on end year of 2008.

Lastly is to further my study, this goal not achieve yet. I plan to fill up the form of application to public universities in the end of this year. It was for January 2008 intake. I plan to do a part time study. The course that I want to choose is Business Administration (International Trade). I hope that I will achieve this goal.

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