Monday, July 09, 2007

What age do we live?

We live in the age of engineer, not a poet anymore. This is my new philosophy of live. I used to live in the poet age, but I think, being a poet is not living in a real world. We live in the cloudy and above the sky.

So, what the engineer do and doesn’t. I always put in my mind that we must be live in a real world. Meet a real challenge and don’t get easy to frustrate. If fail for sometime, maybe next time I’ll success the other time, all the time. Failure is not a burden, but it is an opportunity to achieve successful life.

When we success in something, don’t ever to feel arrogant and selfish. Be nice and put a goal to achieve more from that. Put a milestone for the goal and try to achieve it one by one. Don’t ever forget to pray to the Almighty.

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