Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday is Beautiful

I got up from bed a little bit late this morning, so I don’t take a morning exercise. After having a breakfast, I wait for my mother, she sent a little brother to the school. My wife goes to work about 7.35 am. It’s a little bit late for he because she has arrived before 8 at office.

My boy and I patiently waiting for my mother, she arrived at home at 7.50 am. After give my boy to her, I prepared to go to work and arrived at office about 7.59 am. After that, I go to the weekly assembly. The director was on delivering his speech when I arrived.

My class starts at 8.30 am. Monday is a very tight day for me. I have a class from 8.30 am till 3.30 pm. It was a practical class, so much time needed. I bring along a newspaper. When waiting my student finishes doing their task. I can read newspaper so that I’m not bored.

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