Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Staff Introductionary

This week, I have to complete one task had given to me by my superior. It is a video containing staff introduction. This video must have a picture of staff, their name, post, grade and which department that the staff is working.

I start it with finding latest organization chart from EO and re-sorting the staff by their grade and than their department. I know it is quite boring if the video don't have sound effect. So I start to find a suitable sound effect on the net. Unfortunately, I found nothing suitable to my video.

I borrow a microphone from my superior. I use this microphone to record sound from television. After recording a few sound effect. I have choose them and embed in my movie. After that I start to recording a background music.

My video not complete yet. A few modification need to be done. OK. Let start it.....

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