Monday, July 23, 2007

A class starts now

A class starts now

After 3 week holiday for a student, today they come back to start a class. I also get the timetable for teaching also on this day. Actually the timetable is release last week. But I have a several activity, and then I don’t mention that a timetable is on my table.

So, at the early this morning, I go to institute assembly and after that, I start to make preparation for first class. My first class is student semester three for subject Server Administration.

Today, I just told the student to tidy up the class first. And then they have to install the operating system. I told them to make a dual boot system because these laboratories also use by En. Noorlizam, for Web Design subject. He wants to use a Windows Operating System meanwhile I need to use a Linux Operating System.

So today, the only do the preparation for two subjects. The Web Design subject will be teaching tomorrow. The class will end at 3.30pm, after that the student will proceed to library.

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