Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Attack on teachers

Recently, there are many reports on the media accusing teacher as a violent people. There are several cases link to the teacher had been made a police report by student’s parent. There no media in Malaysia who decline the report like this. I feel very frustrating because teaching profession is very high principles.

What should the teachers do to deal with the students who insult them? The parent also should not defense their child; it must be a reason for teacher to act like that. The teacher not dealt only with one child, but it almost 30 to 40 students per class. It was a big crowd.

There many honored service the teacher have given to our society. If the teacher don’t discipline the students, who else will do it for the sake of our country development. The media should turn their report. Don’t write a report just to get the publicity. Write the good thing for our nation. We don’t want Malaysia to be colonized again.

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