Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why giving up citizenships?

According to the Deputy Minister, Ministry of Home Affair Datuk Tan Chai Ho, it is about 106,000 Malaysians who giving up their citizenship and they live in other country such as United State of America, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. Malay recorded as a largest percentages followed by Chinese and Indian. Malay state at 70%, it is about 79,199 individuals.

Women are majority who migrate the other country, the main reason of this is a marriage. The Prime Minister of Malaysia urges that Malaysians who giving up their citizenship will not give it back to them if they want to be Malaysians. He said, the door has been closed for them who don’t want to be Malaysians.

Why this matter is happen. Is it something wrong with education system? There are many Malaysian who not love this country and bear to leave this country and giving up their citizenship. Policy Maker! It’s a food for thought for you.

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