Friday, July 06, 2007

Math Challenge

I take almost a week to finish correcting Math Paper and insert the student mark into the CGPA system. I thinks it is not a really tough because before this. I correct paper for three to four papers by a semester. But, it is first time for me to teach a common subject like Math.

It is quite frustrating for me because the result of a student is not so good. Several student got mark below ten point per hundred. It is very poor mark. Instead, five of my student got A’s. Their achievement my make slightly happy, because the worse mark is the majority. If I were assign to teach this subject for next semester. I must give them a lot of exercise to them understands, not to memorize.

Actually, mathematic is a very nice subject. I love math very much and I love to make everyone love math. Because math will balances everything. Stimulate your brain and make our brain work. Next semester, I will ensure my student love math first. And then they will love to learn math.

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