Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is it 1 sen valuable?

Do you keep one cent coins everywhere? I always ask this question to myself. Is it not valuable? Of course it still valuable in this current situation. But I'm not always carry one cent in my pocket or my wallet because it will bother my. It may heavy if we carry a lot of it.

My wife always carry one cent in her handbag. Everywhere she goes. Sometime, I feel that she is doing right things because when we at shopping market. If the goods we buy are cost a cent at it tails. She will pay it with one cent coins. Unlike with me, I always go to post office to pay a bill. When the like this, I feel it is important to carry one cent coins.

At the grocery market, sometime I feel embarrassing to use one cent coins. It is because there is no one else used it. It will cumbersome and everyone else must be seen at me with sympathy. J

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