Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Last night, I and my wife went to Equatorial Hotel to have a dinner in honor of her Director will retired. It is I little bit messy before we got to the hotel because a several things we not do yet such as wrapping up the gift and preparing a cloth for us to wear at night. We start to move from home, it is about 7.40pm after Maghrib prayer.

At the hotel, we are please to be seated at VIP table. It is about 8 people in that table. We going to have a Chinese dinner set. It is about 8 menus that we have to finish it. I eat slowly because I have already eaten at the evening before we go to the hotel.

The dinner goes well. There is a combo team from Henry Gurney School entertaining us. The Director also sang two songs. I remembered one of the songs that he sang is Widuri. It is a nice song. The Director also has a nice voice.

The dinner end at 11.00 pm. The last agenda is staff from all departments gives a present to the Director. One of the present is a Notebook. Then we were going back to our house. We reach at home on 12.00 pm.

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