Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Strict Legislation on Sperm Banks

Many of us have ever heard of sperm bank. Actually, sperm bank have already existed for a long time, especially in United States US and the Europe country. But ut has been popular recently amongst a single woman who want a child and the couple that could not have a baby. They go to sperm bank and buy the sperm based on the profile of the sperm donator.

There is no term and condition apply to the sperm donators. Sometime we don't know if the donator lie about thier personal data. If their sperm is buyed, what is all about the chil who grow from that sperm. We don't know if the donators have a generation illness, desease or a physical disability.

In Islam, the sperm bank services is prohibited. It is against the natural or not normal condition. Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan has announce that the sperm bank is illegal. So, the muslims, don't ever go or donate to sperm banks.

We hope a new legislations will be produce in our country. It is important to control the growing of a sperm bank especially in a private hospital. In addition, Islam prohibit this such a things.

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