Monday, June 18, 2007

Not fearing to fails

I'm interested when I read The Star in the business colum. It's was about Idris Jala, the COE of Malaysia Airlines. The most important point in that article is Idris mention about doing the imposibble things and not fearing to fails.

Wow, I think it a wonderfull thought of Idris Jala. I want to adapt it to me in learning English Language. I will never afraid in learning. I have taken MUET exam on January this year, if the result was not ok. I will do it again. Again and agian until I got the result that would satisfy me.

For this time, I learn English by myself. If this not workout. I am planning to attend to English class next year, this is due to financial constraint this year. Learning is cost a money right!. Thank to Idris Jala, I like your word. Espicially not fearing to fails and do the impossible things. I hope I can do better next time.

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