Thursday, November 01, 2007

Good bye October

Welcome a new month, November. There something important to be happen. Indeed. Last month is a very memorable; we got Ramadan, Hari Raya and many more. Raya@Kampung this year not going well, my child, Afiq got flu and we just stayed in the house. We don’t want the situation gone badly if we bring Afiq everywhere.

My wife’s birthday on November 8, I’m not really sure what the present will I buy for her. I hope a piece of cake should be okay, hehee. I know she’s not a reader of my blog anymore. So I can write anything about her in this blog. As far as I know, cannot be accessed from her office due to firewall restriction. Pity her.

This month also, I expect to get a result from Uitm, I have apply for further study in new areas that I want to explore. It’s a management science or Business Administration. I tired of being computer geek, ahaha.. I want to explore something new in my life. I don’t want to be a techie guy for entire of my life. We need to change.

I got one month left to finish all my teaching work. In the end of this month, the student will get ready for the final exam. I got to do a lot of chores to ensure my student will able to perform well in final examination. I hope they will do the best.

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