Thursday, November 22, 2007

Keep Thinking…

Student's final exam is just around the corner. It's a week soon. I have already finished my syllabus on my subject. Next week is a study week for students. Therefore, I grab this opportunity to settle up my delay work on checking up student assignments and tests. I have to finish it before final examinations arrive. Because all the coursework must be slipped in students' portfolio.

Stop strongly thinking about life at work for while, sometimes I feel to eventually need to broad my area of specification in life. I hope that I can prepare a new challenging resolution for Year 2008. It's coming soon, just one month left to New Year. I call off several goals this year in consequence of inevitable hindrance.

For my family, currently I am reading a book, titles “Raising a Positive Kid in a Negative World” by Zig Ziglar. Just starting reading, don't have any idea yet to jot down here. I hope I will finish that book from cover to cover.

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