Friday, September 28, 2007

Salam Ramadhan

About a month I didn't write anything here, maybe I don't have an idea to write or my task at workplace is getting harder and time consuming. This month is Ramadan where Muslims all around the worlds begin fasting; actually this is a 16th day of fasting.

All the day before this was always gloomy; it is cause by my child not really getting health these days. He got a flu and fever three times on this month. It really mess me up, I got to apply leave to bring him to clinic for treatment. Night is also not always long as usual. I have to wake if my child cries.

Ramadan this is very cheerful for me, it is the first time for me and my wife to break fasting and “sahur” together. I hope this year I greatest Ramadan for me and my family.

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